Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt'

Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt'

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Companion Planting Class

I am teaching a class on Companion Planting on Sunday February 21st at 1pm at Portland Nursery 5050 SE Stark Street. To register please call: 503-231-5050 or email:
So please join me tomorrow as I share one of my favorite subjects. We'll talk about the reasons to companion plant including increasing biodiversity in your garden and how to attract & maintain a population of beneficial bugs. I'll also share techniques and specific plantings that do well together in my garden.

This will be the last class I teach this season, due to my knee injury and upcoming surgery. I'm having someone else teach the class I had scheduled on March 6th: "Creating Gardens for Beneficial Bugs, Butterflies & Hummingbirds"

In Health,
Miss Jolie Ann

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