Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt'

Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt'

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello from the July garden!

Hello gardening friends!

I hope your spring and early summer in the garden has been fantastic and fruitful! I have been recovering from the acute phase of a new chronic illness diagnosis and on medical leave from most aspects of my garden business, including writing. I am spending a lot of time sitting and resting in my garden. My garden has become a place of sanctuary and restoration for me. Thank you so much to my husband for taking all of these lovely photos of our garden for me to share with you.

We just harvested our first batch of small cucumbers for pickling. My husband harvested our first batch of 'kennebec' and 'all red' potatoes. Last month we had an abundant harvest of beets and carrots that were succession planted to make room for the sunburst patty pan summer squash. We've eaten 2 of those this week. Our beans are sky high and the scarlet runner types are blooming red. Our salad garden did great this spring and we continue to harvest fresh sweet lettuce from a succession planting. The early spring planted kale ultimately succumbed to aphids and we pulled it all out. The tomato plants are 4 feet and loaded with blossoms. The fall-planted garlic and shallots have been harvested to make room for basil.

Our flowers are lovely this year. Companion planted alyssum, calendula, celosia, lobelia, nasturtium, petunia, snapdragon, statice, sunflower, and zinnia are a riot of color and beneficial bug activity inside and surrounding the raised beds. All 5 dahlia varieties are blooming in profusion. The orange tiger lilies began this week. Monarda, echinacea, and agastache are brightly blooming. Coreopsis, rudbeckia, and star-gazer lilies are budded and ready to bloom any moment.

Believe it or not it is almost time to start planting your garden for a fall and winter harvest! Please stay tuned for more details about that. My gardening workshops at Portland Nursery and monthly garden report in the Concordia News will resume in September.

Happy Gardening and Resting in the Garden,

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